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Up Close and Personal Interview With Thalma de Freitas

In an exclusive interview with Bossa Magazine, Thalma answered a variety of questions and gave us the highlights of her professional life. Thalma, when and why did you start playing? There's an old tape recording of me making up a song when I was like 2 or 3,...


Sorte! Sound Garden Review

Varieties! At first glance, before listening to it, by looking at the international lineup that recorded this album, we can assume that it is great music. Namely, these are the names that guarantee a good blend of Brazilian music and jazz: singer-songwriter Thalma...


John Finbury an Unlikely Grammy Honoree

He is a 67-year-old lawyer, a partner in the Haverhill, Mass., firm his father founded. But on Sunday he’ll be at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, waiting to hear if Sorte! Music by John Finbury wins the Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album, a category pitting...

John Finbury Unlikely Grammy Honoree Photo

Andover Man Up For Grammy

Jazz harmonies marry Latin rhythms in Merrimack Valley man's music ANDOVER — John Finbury sat at and played the piano, his fingers coaxing jazz harmonies from the 1903 Steinway in his Andover living room. Delicate nostalgia and modern currents emerged from the...

North Andover Eagle Tribune Photo of John Finbury

Latin Jazz Network Review of Sorte!

Sorte! – John Finbury ft. Thalma De Freitas Two albums into his worshipful “Brasilian sojourn” John Finbury has written six new songs that further declare his abject love for Brasil with a third (Brasilian) album, Sorte!. This time around the music includes lyrics...

Sorte! Session Photos New York City May 2018

Downbeat Beyond

John Finbury, the only American in this bunch, is a Massachusetts based pianist and songwriter who caused something of a stir in 2016 when a song of his was nominated for a Latin Grammy. His new recording, Sorte! (Greenflash; 28:46 ♦ ♦ ♦ ½), is a collaboration with...

DownBeat Oct 2019 Pg 66

Michael’s Jazz Blog Review

Today’s album “Sorte!” comes from composer John Finbury and singer-lyricist Thalma de Freitas. John Finbury is a lawyer and musician from Andover, Massachusetts, who become well known in 2016 when he was earning a Latin Grammy nomination for his song “A Chama...

Photo of Thalma de Freitas Sorte! Session Photos New York City May 2018 Presents an Interview With John Finbury

The colorful and exciting sound of Brazilian music seems to be a perennial favorite not only with jazzers but also World Music fans into sublime, guitar-centric music. A good example of the elegance and music magic of contemporary 21st century Brazilian music is...

Photo of John Finbury

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