Grammy-nominated composer John Finbury recently released his latest composition “American Nocturnes – Final Days Of July.” It features eleven tracks performed by a selection of hand-picked artists to best portray Finbury’s latest vision. The album begins with the subtle, soft opening of “Lay Me Down,” as you are slowly introduced to this latest music journey. The gracefulness of “Black Tea” and the emotion-fueled melody of “Fantasma” will have you hanging on every note. The beautifully elegant “Waltz For Patty” is the perfect nod to classical music, before closing out this latest Finbury composition with “I’ll Pray For You,” which infuses a blues backdrop into the song, along with the feel-good melody of “My Hometown.” John Finbury also makes an appearance on this album with his solo piano rendition of “Waltz For Patty.” To find out more about the newly released “American Nocturnes – Final Days Of July,” please visit

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