On this album, composer John Finbury’s has combined broad Latin American and Spanish influences and has then delivered this in alternating vocal and instrumental tracks. On this release he has brought together the delicate and emotional vocals of Magos Herrera, along with pianist Chano Domínguez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Antonio Sánchez. The album itself was recorded over two different session in 2019, and although they took place in New York, from the sounds being produced one would not be surprised if they had been recorded in Havana.

Magos has a wonderful tone, her vocals are sultry and passionate, lulling in the listener no matter the musical style, as the band move through bossa nova to flamenco, mixing and driving the compositions so one feel enveloped and surrounded by the sound. There are plenty of lead roles for all, but always taken with such control and delicacy that they are very much part of the overall piece. There is a rippling bar within Chano’s solo on “All The Way To The End” which is a sheer delight, totally out of place with the delicate notes either side, yet somehow also perfect. Some songs are in English, others Spanish, but no matter the language we are always deep in the Latin world, with an album which is absolutely perfect on a sultry Summer’s day. This is a transportation device, taking us into another world, where all that exists is the music and the voice. The bass at the beginning of “Comenzar” is sublime, so delicate, full of power and passion, yet when Magos comes in the piece becomes something quite different indeed. Majestic and powerful, any lover of Latin jazz should seek this out.

Posted on March 27, 2021, by Kev Rowland on House of Prog

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