American Nocturnes


New Music Composed by John Finbury

Performed by Tim Ray – Piano, Eugene Friesen – Cello, Claudio Ragazzi – Guitar, Roberto Cassan – Accordion, Vitor Gonçalves – Accordion, Roberto Cassan – Accordion, & Roni Eytan – Harmonica.


American Nocturnes – Final Days of July, is a new album of original instrumental chamber music compositions by Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated composer John Finbury. Produced and arranged by Finbury, Bob Patton, and co-produced by Emilio D. Miler, American Nocturnes is a collection of eleven evocative pieces that spotlights the composer’s mastery in an intimate setting.

The instrumentation in this album is unorthodox with the addition of acoustic guitar, harmonica and accordion to the cello and piano ensemble. The absence of percussion instruments gives the performances a more elastic sense of time, while the lyrical qualities of the melodies makes the composer’s reference to them as ‘songs’ most suitable. There are also improvisational sections in most of the pieces, often disguised as developments and ornamentations of the melodies, in music that is bound to fascinate listeners through a deeply emotional, delightful sway between jazz and chamber music.


Music Composed by John Finbury

Performed by

Tim Ray – Piano
Eugene Friesen – Cello
Claudio Ragazzi – Guitar
Roberto Cassan – Accordion
Vitor Gonçalves – Accordion
Roberto Cassan – Accordion
Roni Eytan – Harmonica

Produced and arranged by John Finbury and Bob Patton
Co-produced by Emilio D. Miler

Recording and mixing – Bob Patton Mastering – Vlado Meller

Recorded at Thin Ice Productions, North Andover, MA (May 2016)