New Music Composed by John Finbury

Performed by Magos Herrera – Vocals, Chano Domínguez – Piano, John Patitucci – Bass, & Antonio Sánchez – Drums.

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Quatro is a new album by Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated composer John Finbury. “QUATRO” premieres new music with broad Latin American and Spanish influences, mixed and matched in an unorthodox fashion. Alternating vocal and instrumental tracks, the album was produced by Latin Grammy winner Emilio D. Miler and features Magos Herrera on vocals, Chano Domínguez on piano, John Patitucci on bass, and Antonio Sánchez on drums. Recorded over two sessions in New York in 2019, “Quatro” is both a celebration of cultural diversity and immigration and a condemnation of those who seek restriction based upon prejudice. Though written and recorded before the world was stunned by a pandemic that has hindered our ability to gather and celebrate, “Quatro” presents a musical meeting place that strives to bridge that distance, and convey the certainty that we are better together.



Magos Herrera – Vocals
Chano Domínguez – Piano
John Patitucci – Bass
Antonio Sánchez- Drums

Produced by Emilio D.Miler
Co-Produced by John Finbury

Recording and Mixing Engineer -Ariel Lavigna
Additional Vocal Recording by Chris Allen at Sear Sound NYC and Icautli Cortés at Fonobox, Mexico City

Recorded at Sear Sound, NYC, and The Bunker Studios, Brooklyn

Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering

Album Art by Marcos Almada Rivero

Photos by Allessio Romano, Vitor Hirsch, and Brandon Upingo

Creative Direction by Patrick McDonough

Graphic Design by Michael Gurley


Llegará El Día (Music by John Finbury / Lyrics by Emilio D. Miler)

Dalias se evaporan en el mar,
dejando sus sueños atrapados en la red; las alas agitan, trinan, lloran,
y se vuelven brisa, canto, ríos

Águilas volando en espiral,
dibujando letras de tu nombre en el altar

Y llegará el día
que lluevan semillas en tu corazón. Sentirás
crecer el árbol de la noche triste.

aroma de incienso que anuncia el final. Ya verás
que muy pronto de ti no queda nada.

The Day Will Come

Dahlias evaporate in the sea,
leaving their dreams trapped in the net. Their wings flutter, (they) chirp, cry,
and thus become breeze, melody, rivers,
(they) resuscitate

Eagles spiraling down,
drawing the letters of your name on the altar.

And there will come a day
when seeds will rain on your heart.
You will feel
the tree of the sad night growing.

Candles/Sails (same word in Spanish)
an aroma of incense announcing the end
You’ll see
just how soon there is nothing left of you.

All the Way To the End (Music by John Finbury / Lyrics by Patty Brayden and John Finbury)

See me
open your eyes and read me
Are you willing to look beyond the title page and love me
all the way to the end

And do you hear me lean closer
and whisper truly
that you will always be with me and stay all the way to the end

Stories unfold so slowly, pages turn
Hearts playing a game, risking sadness
left to die alone
Turning to love again

Touch me
Take my hand and feel how
the rhythm of my pulse races under the warmth of your skin
But will you hold me all the way to the end

Open your eyes and see me
Are you looking beyond the magic of this night
Will you promise
to have me all the way to the end

La Madre De Todos Los Errores (Music by John Finbury / Lyrics by Roxana Amed)

Que puedes descifrar mis sueños
Que puedes dirigir mi vuelo

Las sombras de mi voz a tu lengua extraña Transformas
Estas palabras que te doy
En tu arma

Y no sabes… No sabes…

La esencia de la flor y el cielo Reclamas
La lluvia y el amor

un mundo de ilusión que se lleva el viento Olvidas
que el llanto que brota de mí
es tu miedo

Y no sabes…
No sabes… de mí.
Tú no sabes por dónde llegué
La verdad secreta de mi corazón

Que puedes comprender mis sueños
Que puedes apagar mi fuego

The Mother Of All Mistakes

You assume you can decipher my dreams
You proclaim that can you direct my flight

(you) translate the shadows of my voice into your strange tongue
You transform these words that I give you into your weapon
And you don’t know… you don’t know…

You accuse the essence of the flower and the sky
You claim rain and love.

You build a world of illusion the wind blows away
(you) forget that the tears that spring from me are what you fear.

And you don’t know, you don’t know … about me.
 You don’t know where I arrived from
the secret truth in my heart

You assume you can understand my dreams
You proclaim that you can put out my fire.

Comenzar (Music by John Finbury / Lyrics by Magos Herrera)

Del silencio de la tarde
De entre horas que se van
Cantan todas las palabras que
si tu estas aquí todo cabe en mí

Canta la nube que pasa
y se pierde en el añil
Y a lo lejos deja el eco
de un murmullo gris que me sabe a ti

Y ya ves
El tiempo pasa,
pasa el tiempo y camino
Suena mi voz
y el cuerpo en calma, como el aire que se va

Hasta la orilla del rio
Donde el tiempo comenzó
Donde lo que hemos perdido se vuelve viento y flor
Nace una canción

Y a pesar que todo cambia
Y el corazón que se rompe
Nos reinventamos la vida
Para empezar, para comenzar.

To Begin (again)

From the silence of the afternoon, as the hours pass by
all the words sing that if you’re by my side all dwells within.

The passing cloud, sings and it gets lost in the indigo
in the distance leaves the echo of a gray murmur that has your essence

See, time goes by
Time goes by and I walk (a long journey)
My voice sounds, and my body in peace
as the air that leaves

To the river bank, where time began
where what we have lost becomes wind and flower
and a song is born

And even though everything changes
and the heart that breaks
we reinvent ourselves
to start again, to begin (again).