John Finbury aligns himself in exceptional company here, as Magos Herrera, Chano Domínguez, John Patitucci, and Antonio Sánchez help him bring Latin and Spanish influences into his cultured, wise and unclassifiable formula.

“Llegará El Día” starts the listen piano heavy as smooth, soaring vocals from Herrera enter the melodic, jazz friendly setting, and “Independence Day” follows with percussion from Sánchez and keys from Domínguez working well together with much beauty, sans vocals.

Deeper tracks include the soft and soothing “All The Way To The End”, where sultry vocals align with the emotive music, while “Comenzar” relies on Patitucci’s plucked bass and strong singing in Spanish. “Romp” exits the listen with playful percussion and bright keys as all instruments take their turn in the spotlight on the multifaceted approach that’s quite festive.

An extremely meticulous affair that’s never shy on rhythm and grooves and t hat comes from a political standpoint that embraces diversity, Finbury and company offer plenty of surprises and extremely dynamic musicianship on this very inviting record.

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