At first glance, before listening to it, by looking at the international lineup that recorded this album, we can assume that it is great music. Namely, these are the names that guarantee a good blend of Brazilian music and jazz: singer-songwriter Thalma de Freitas, pianist (concert piano and Fender Rhodes) and accordion player Vitor Goncalves, guitarist (acoustic guitar) Chico Pinheiro, double bassist John Patitucci, drummer Duduka Yes, Fonseca hit you with Airto Moreira and Rogerio Boccato. Along with them, two others are worthy of being truly so: Latin Grammy Award-winning music author John Finbury and Latin Grammy-winning producer Emilio D. Miler, who also brought together these musicians to record the album. No wonder this CD was nominated for the same award last year.

Thalma de Freitas is convincing as a poet but also a singer with an innate sense of rhythm and Brazilian musical tradition, and an approach close to bossa nova, in the wake of Astrud Gilberto, but still not so sweet. Together with the aforementioned musicians, she brings gentle, discreet, sometimes fluttering and sometimes almost shy performances to a memorable atmosphere. Although the composer is Finbury from the USA, over the years he has been able to adopt the spirit of Brazilian music, dedicate himself to it and gain international recognition in the field. Collaboration with these musicians, not only important representatives of style but also top instrumentalists – and of course the singer – is the realization of his dreams and another confirmation of his reputation.

Sound Garden review by Davor Hrvoj.

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