Massachusetts-based composer John Finbury has been writing music for over four decades, but since 2014 his longstanding interest in Brazilian jazz have resulted in annual album releases that have received much critical acclaim. My review of his Grammy-nominated 2019 project “Sorte!” noted that “the songs stimulate reflection and contemplation of their poignant, thoughtful messages.” Now, “Quatro” brings four consummate musicians together to premier Finbury’s new music emphasizing broad Latin American and Spanish influences, such as Peruvian Festejo, Mexican Huapango, Spanish Flamenco, Argentine Zamba, Bolero, Andean folkloric traditions and others. Stylistically, the musical journey yields bountiful rewards. Thematically, the album’s poignant bi-lingual messages focus on feelings and visions from the heart, dreams and beauty. Yet, we also know that the songs were written to celebrate cultural diversity and immigration, as well as condemn those with prejudice who seek to impede others. After the impressionistic and optimistic opener “Llegará El Día” (“The Day Will Come”), the set continues with relaxed songs that reinforce the need for unity and social justice, before closing with “Romp” that presents the collective joy of diversity and this musical collaboration. Produced by Latin Grammy winner Emilio D. Miler, “Quatro” features Magos Herrera (vocals), Chano Domínguez (piano), John Patitucci (bass), and Antonio Sánchez (drums). Finbury’s music has a unique way of exuding creativity, personality and poignancy. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)

Roots Music Report by Joe Ross.

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