John Finbury was the proud recipient of the 2015 American Songwriters Award for “Best Instrumental” for his composition and recording of “SambaDan”.

“The American Songwriting Awards is an annual, international contest and awards event for songwriters and musicians. The mission of the American Songwriting Awards is to help launch the careers of talented artists and provide an international platform for their work to be recognized. ASA is designed to promote excellence and standout achievement in the art of songwriting.

ASA offers exposure and the opportunity to have songs heard by influential industry leaders in today’s highly competitive world of music creation. Its panel of experienced judges is composed of current and former working music industry professionals and astute listeners with thorough insights and understanding of today’s music industry. Unlike other songwriting competitions, ASA’s judges are chosen primarily for their ability to recognize talent and does not select judges based solely on popularity.”

View the list of winners on the ASA website.  

American Songwriting Awards Trophy